A Slightly Productive Friday

I took an Ambien last night. I needed to knock myself out, and not obsess over this preliminary diagnosis. Naturally that meant getting up this morning was a feat, and then I was a little fuzzy in the head.

I brought the kids to camp and then made it to the gym. Here in LA if you’re at the gym between 9 and 10 am Regis and Kelly are on TV. There is nothing more motivating than seeing Kelly Rippa on the screen. She makes the waifs look obese.

After the gym I ran home to follow up on the MRI pre-authorization. It went through fairly easily, and I’ll be taking care of that next week. I ran out to the Laurel Tavern for a wonderful lunch with The Virgin and William. I have to say, when I got there I was simply not in the mood for their Will and Grace dysfunction, but three minutes in, and I felt light again. Any time you’re discussing Googie’s fisting fame while double dipping your fries into ketchup and Tabasco, and screeching ouch, life is good.

I picked up the kids from camp, Jane took a quick shower, and then we headed right back out the door for frozen yogurt and a meeting with some kids from Jane’s class as they are planning a fundraiser.

The whole planet. They are going to save the whole planet with a run around the park. They don’t have a date yet, but they’ve handed out a lot of fliers. Yes, I appreciate the irony.

Mr. G. came home a few moments after we did, and it was dinner out.

I know this sounds uneventful, but today was a big day. I didn’t cry. I didn’t go to a doctor. I exercised and I saw friends. My hand hurts, my wrist hurts, but none of that matters, because it hurt last week too, but last week I wasn’t moping around.

Today is the day where things got normal.

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