In Other News I am an Asshole

Recently I was at an event for PBS. I was sitting at a table with some friends, and my friend Ana Flores came to join us. Ana is a Latina woman whose husband I have never met.

Trust me, this detail matters.

Anna came to the table with a man who was a bit older than she, somewhat paunchy, but also clearly Latino. They both greeted my friends as old friends and I assumed this was her husband. He introduced himself as Jose. I shook his hand and maintained total disinterest. I was tired and I just wanted to be with my girlfriends, I didn’t want to meet anyone. I wasn’t in the mood to meet Ana’s husband Jose.

Jose then left our table and took his place at the podium. Chef Jose Andres. Nice.

6 thoughts on “In Other News I am an Asshole”

  1. HA! I totally had NO idea who he was. I just remember Sarah pushing me aside when I was trying to say hi to all of you so she could get to him. Totally thought he was Sarah´s friend.
    I can just imaging your face when they introduced Chef José Andrés and my “husband” shows up!
    Well, you got to meet the real husband later on and he’s much more fantastic…though I wouldn’t mind if he had Chef Jose Andres’ cooking skills!!!


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