Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Buys Signatures in Hopes of Repealing the DREAM Act, Charming

From the Pasadena Star News we find out that  Assemblyman Tim Donnelly spent black Friday bribing constituents with the chance of winning a gift card.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, tried to make the most of the spend-and-save frenzy on Black Friday – urging “patriots” to sign his petition to repeal the California DREAM Act.

Promising that the effort can “put money back in the taxpayers’ pockets,” Donnelly also plied constituents with the chance to win a $505 gift card from Target or Best Buy.

“To qualify this measure for the ballot, we must engage in `retail politics’ – literally,” Donnelly wrote on his petition campaign website.

AB 131, the meatier part of the California DREAM Act recently signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, allows some undocumented students to qualify for government funding, after documented students are served.

Donnelly held a Black Friday drive at the Colonies in Rancho Cucamonga to collect signatures and is now urging people to mail their signatures in by midnight on Monday.

Donnelly has until Jan. 6, to submit nearly 505,000 petition signatures to county election officials, according to the Secretary of State.

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I understand that not everyone likes the Dream Act, but the fact of the matter is that it has been signed into law.

As an FYI the Dream Act allows the children of undocumented migrants to attend college in California. You can protest all you want but the undocumented are here and they are part of the beautiful fabric of my community.

I’m not an attorney, much to my father’s chagrin, I’m a blogger. Are there any attorneys who can confirm that this is an illegal action?

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  1. If your a support a certain cause do  you feel it should be illegal for a group of people to oppose the cause you support. In the case of Illegal immigrants do you not feel that citizens who can not afford a college education and see our elected officials approve tax payer dollars in the form of grants to provide Illegal immigrants a free education might not like that law? If a law is bad, what ever the law, should not we as citizen have the legal right to have that law repealed?

  2. Your PC bias is suffocating. “allows the children of undocumented migrants to attend college in California” in reality = Gives millions of CA Taxpayer money to illegal alien adults (18+) to attend colleges in California, taking the limited available seats away from “children” who are here legally. 

    But go ahead, spin away.

  3. What I don’t understand is that if they are old enough to go to college then they are old enough to become a citizen.Do all undocumented imigrats have such a lack of respect for the laws of this country that they won’t obey our laws?Then stand there with their and demand California taxes to pay their way through college?The state is broke tiutions are going up for Americans how can we afford this?If a man only makes enough money to take care of his own family, then it would be wrong even immoral to take the limited he has to take care of someoneles.That’s where we are at in California.I keep hearing about how bad people in C.A. are for wanting our laws inforced but the real problem is all countries mostly Mexico among others yet I never hear complaints about those countries,only about America,and Americans.Thank you for letting me post this

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