Rebecca Wolf’s Spawntourage: A Different Momversation

This episode of Momversation was so much for all of us. I’m very curious to see if you enjoy the format as much as we enjoyed filming.

Oh also… what do you think of large families? Watch the video and you’ll see what I think of them.

If you want to find Rebecca and Daphne they are here and here.

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  1. I can snark with the best of them, I admit that about myself. But my grandmother had 10 children and was more parent than grandparent to several of her 18 grandchildren at one point or another. So judging a bigger family? Not really. HAVING one? Not for me. Offering to help… or giving props… more my speed. 

  2. I am not a mom but I’ll pipe in for a moment. I have four sisters, three younger and one older. My baby sisters are twins. 

    When we were kids people used to stop and take pictures of my sisters because twins were much more rare than. But that is neither here nor there.

    What I remember is how busy my parents were. They were very involved with us and I remember some of my mother’s friends asking her how she had time to do anything for herself. I got in trouble once for telling one of them that moms had a job and it was to take care of the kids.

    Anyhoo, I suppose because of my childhood that I don’t begin to think of a family as being large unless they have six or more kids. I sometimes wonder if the parents have time to spend with the kids and then I can’t help but wonder about money.

    Two kids in private school and life in LA is hard, it would be that much harder with more.

  3. Where I live, 4 kids is a little more than most but not out of the ordinary.  We have bigger houses and townhouses that cost less money than in LA and NYC, more land, and many of us want to fill the space with kids.  In fact the 1 child family is out of the norm.  It’s all a matter of perspective and the choices that you can make based upon your circumstances.

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