Maybe She’s Buying Orange Juice?

orange lady buying orange juice in trader joes

Another picture from My Mom.

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      1. Come on.  Pointing out her “orange” legs, wondering if she’s buying orange juice was simply your way of saying she’s fabulous?  I seem to remember you wanting to embrace your snarky side, so just admit that this was mean and what you intended.  

        1. Ouch.  Though I do find the shoe selection really odd. Not often you see someone that tan go winter on top and bottom and party in the middle.  

      2.  I agree, you KNOW this woman would be a hoot to have brunch with. She’s stepped out of that ‘box’ of fashion and someone noticed…naturally. I think she looks like fun and I totally would have snapped the same photo. I bet she gets it a lot.

  1. Baffled by people being judgemental? That seems disingenuous, are you baffled or are you judgemental of people who talk about things they perceive as silly? All of life is a constant exercise in making judgements.

    To summarize: pot, kettle, black.

  2. This is my nightmare. I give a shit whether it’s judgmental or not. Isn’t it judgmental of the commenter to take Jessica to task. Yeah, someone said it: pot, kettle, etc etc

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