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What things do you know you can count on your family for?

This is such a funny question. I’m a mom blogger. What DON’T I get from my family?

Our parents babysit the kids. I have to say that Grandparents make the most amazing babysitters. When I call my mom and ask her if she can pick the kids up after school (or camp) for me, she typically says, “I have an appointment, but I’ll change it. I’ve been hoping you would call.” Yes, really. I have babysitters that I could charge for the honor of taking care of my kids.

I do know how lucky I am.

Our kids shower us in love and entertainment. I just live for the moments when they fling their arms around me. I count on them to give my days joy. And also, they are funny. Ridiculously funny.

It’s been almost a full year of Albert Pujols (pronounced Poo-Holes) jokes, at the dinner table no less.

And my husband, he is everything. Quite simply, I rely on that man for everything, and conversely there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him.

Family. Good Stuff