I Think My Stepmother Is Hungry

You see, Jo is a bit of a martyr. Not because she beats her chest and talks about her difficult days, but because she grew up in a small town in Kansas and married a man with a Kosher Dairy kitchen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the rules of Kashrut, that means there are no meat products or byproducts in the house. None. Except fish, cuz ya know, fish isn’t meat (doesn’t matter a bit though cuz no one wants to eat it unless they’re dying). Yes, dear goyim, I understand that fish has flesh and a nervous system, that it isn’t a plant, but fish isn’t meat. Please don’t interrupt the laws of Kashrut with logic, the rabbis have bickered about this for many millennium.

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Jane Turns 10

Y’all keep asking what she wants. As she is clearly her mother’s daughter the pendulum swings wildly. Here’s Jane’s list: Another ipod; she’s lost two this week A hockey stick; …

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You’re, Like Totally Invading their Privacy

So I’m on the soccer field and a Dad looks at me knowingly, “I googled you and it was, um, fun.” The Mommies look at my slyly and whisper, “please don’t talk about the time I ______.” No worries, darlin’ I don’t tell your secrets to anyone.

I do, however, share my kids’ secrets, and some people think that’s bad.

Are Mommy Bloggers in the business of exploiting their children? Short answer? Oh yeah. Long answer? Yes, and we’re entitled to it. Let me explain why.

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