Tony Hawk Ride Giveaway: The Blackmail Saga

I noticed that a lot of you were looking for reviews of the Tony Hawk Ride. I loved it, my kids loved it and I predict that it will be impossible to find right before X-Mas.

Right now I’m giving away a X-Mas Tree. What good is a Christmas Tree without a gift to put under it?

Tony Hawk has a fantastic Gaming peripheral that’s just come on the market. The Tony Hawk Ride behaves like a skateboard would attached to your gaming system.

Activision kindly let me and the kids have a preview of  The Ride, and we loved it. In fact, I loved it so much I asked them if I could have one for a friend.

Activision said, “No.”

I said, “but wait, I have blackmail pictures.”

“Oh really?” They said, “Of what?”

“Of Tony Hawk being mean to kids”

“Tony Hawk is a really nice guy, you said so yourself.” Activision sounded worried.

“Okay then, explain this!” And I showed them this picture

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Giveaway: Tupperware Gives to You Too

Earlier this week, at the Tupperware party I had a few remarkable conversations. Rick Goings (the CEO of Tupperware) was telling me about the growth of the company, and (unlike any other man in his position) he wasn’t talking to me about the product. Rick was talking to me about the people. He said that the way to success is to, “find a great parade and walk in front of it.”I suspect that Rick does a lot more than lead a great parade. What I heard was that women in India and the Philippines were changing their lives. I listened as Brooke Shields talked about the early days of Tupperware Parties and the fact that men didn’t necessarily love the idea of their wives working. Tupperware is more than pop culture. Tupperware has always been about women joining together.

I understand that the mission of Tupperware the brand must be to be to fulfill the needs of it’s shareholders. I can’t shake the notion that the mission of Tupperware’s CEO was empowerment of women and girls, and that the money was just one component.

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Theory Giveaway: Silk Shirt for Sexy Mommies ($400 *gasp*)

(This is a sticky post it will stay up here for the duration of the contest, September 21, please scroll down for more recent entries)

I’ve never done a giveaway before.

Heck, I haven’t done much of anything before, it’s a fairly new blog. I’d been wanting to keep things light and bright here but somehow the election got in the way.

(big payday after the jump)

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