Pitching Me

I’m prickly. It’s no secret.

I’m not all that into promoting products and using this space for giveaways or coupons or anything like that. I’m more interested in the connections we all make. That being said, I do read almost every pitch that comes my way, and I share a lot of them on Facebook, Twitter and Posterous.

I got a pitch earlier from a brand who is giving away $10,000 worth of gift cards to inner city kids. This is good, but it’s not a remarkable amount of money. Certainly they’re spending more on Public Relations that surround the relatively small giveaway.

So, when I read the pitch, I replied with, “Have them kick in an additional $2,500 and I’ll share it with my readers.”

Because at that point in time this blog would be doing something kinda cool.

And ShutTheFuckUp about extortion. It’s a good cause.

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