A Thousand Dollars for Women


The phone rang Monday Morning.

“Hi, this is Tamar with infolinks and we’d like to honor women by giving $1,000 to the charity of your choice.”

“Um, okay, can it pay my daughter’s school tuition?”

“Sorry, it can’t.”

“Could I withhold just $300 so I can get a Brazillian Blowout? You should see my hair today, I look like a charity case.”

“Unfortunately we would need to give money to a 501c charity that benefits women.”

“How long does it take to get that paperwork done?” I wondered aloud while twirling my dried out hair.

“I’m really sorry Jessica, is this a bad time?”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry. Well, I guess if my daughter’s tuition and my hair can’t be considered women’s charities we should probably give some dough to the Dream Center. They’ve got a brand new residential facility for trafficked girls.”

“Oh I love that. I mean I hate that we need that, but I love that they have it.” Tamar said.

And we worked out the details, and the Dream Center will be getting a check for a thousand dollars this week, because helping women do more than their hair matters.

Click here to learn about the rescue project

Infolinks, In-Text ad provider, funded this donation in honor of http://jessicagottlieb.com/ in an effort to show their support to women bloggers on International Women’s Day

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6 responses to “A Thousand Dollars for Women”

  1. Ricakelady says:

    Do you really get Brazillian blowouts? I read they use formaldehyde in those, sounds dangerous and unhealthy. Just my 2 cents, love your blog.

    • I do. I’ve done the Brazilian Blowout brand as well as Coppola and I like them both for different reasons. I’m sure there are a million toxins in there, and I know it’s incredibly selfish of me but they’re only on my hair for an hour. I think it’s the stylists who are most at risk.

  2. […] worthy chari&#116&#97&#98le organization to sponsor, Infolinks chose top fe&#109&#97&#108e bloggers Jessica Gottlieb, Alaina Sheer, Stephan&#105&#101&#32Elie and Lawson to designate which women related […]

  3. […] selecting the most worthy charitable organization to sponsor, Infolinks chose top female bloggers Jessica Gottlieb, Alaina Sheer, Stephanie Elie and Lawson to designate which women related charities to support. […]

  4. […] Jessica Gottlieb is a true “Blog Star.”  She is number 16 on Babble’s list of Top 50 Mom Bloggers and also the 5th most controversial. Perhaps the most prestigious list that she tops is Forbes 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter. Jessica is a delight and she has a wonderful sense of humor yet showed an intense empathy for the women she helped at The Dream Center’s Rescue Project. The Rescue Project is an outreach for victims of Human Trafficking. […]

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