XBox Kinect Bundle Giveaway

I decided I didn’t want to do a Gift Guide for the Holidays because I was inundated with spammy publicist requests to promote wacky things I’d never heard of. Then I’d walk around my house and say to myself, “this is perfect for a gift guide”.

So I came up with a gift guide that I’m very happy with.

I told my friends at Singley + Mackie that I was planning a good gift guide and asked them if they’d like to sponsor it. I asked them to please provide one of the suggested items for one of my readers and a Gucci Fiat for me.

Clearly there was a misunderstanding because I’m not getting a car but one of you is getting an XBox Kinect Bundle. Below the gift guide you’ll get entry instructions.

Good luck!

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  1. Realistically I would use the bamboo cutting board! However I love the beard hat I wanted to buy one for my chef so bad but can’t justify the cost of the gag gift LOL

  2. I have one car (van) and 6 people in my family. If anyone needs a little tiny designer car that they have to drive without the kids, it’s me.

  3. The XBox bundle looks pretty darn good to me, but I so do the Bose Noise cancelling headphones.  Well, if I was lucky enough to win anything I would be grateful and gracious.

  4. While a Gucci Fiat is right up my alley…suffice it to say I’d more likely get the beard beanie in MY stocking…so I’d be forced to share it with the other half.

  5. We’d love to win this because I think it would be wonderful for game nights, and helping my kids stay active and to help with some autism therapies

  6. No Christmas in our house, so we don’t “need” anything on the list, but 
    if I did need to buy gifts, I must admit this is a pretty nice gift guide (except, what is a beard beanie? I just do not get it)

  7. I kind of want to say the Tiffany necklace is a must-have. I just think everyone should own at least one Tiffany item. I’ll never forget my first bracelet from there. It happened to be after my husband forgot our anniversary and someone at work told him he had BETTER get me something from Tiffany’s to make up for it… totally worked. :) 
    I’d love to win the xbox- my son has been begging for one. We don’t have any video game systems since our wii died.

    Thank you for the chance!Steph

  8. The XBox Kinect Bundle would be great for the kids and I love the Beard Beanie for my husband and I would love the Clic Clac H Cuff!

  9. Well….If I couldn’t have the Gucci Fiat or Hermes Clic Clac H Cuff which clearly are “must haves” then I’d be thrilled to have to “settle” for the XBox Kinect Bundle!!!! ;~)

  10. The “must have” would be the Gucci Fiat IF it wasn’t being laughingly advertised as the car that Jennifer Lopez pretends to drive to Harlem. But since that is a thing, I choose XBox. Because playing Skyrim alongside my boyfriend is cooler than anything, especially things named “J. Lo”.

  11. THE must have are the Bose Noise-Cancelling headphones.  Those things are worth their weight in gold, even when you aren’t listening to anything with them. 

  12. If the noise cancelling headphones were not $300, they’d definitely be on the list for my 10y/o. They’d be great to help him with his sensory processing and auditory processing disorders. 

  13. While I love the idea of the XBox w/ Kinect, my kid would likely get the biggest kick out of the night vision mission video watch.

  14. The Kinnect is a must have on my kids Christmas list. I wish I could get it for them, so unless one falls from the sky they will have to wait till a Birthday, but none the less I think its on EVERYONES list who owns a Xbox 360! 

  15. I have a friend who owns a consulting business with her husband and they both work from home. She wears those Bose headphones to let her husband know she’s “in the zone” and not to bother her. Fabulous! A must have indeed. (Though not sure it would really work with my kids!) And obviously the Beard Beanie – who wouldn’t want that?

  16. Definitely the x-box bundle, lol!!!!  My little girls have been begggging for Kinnect.  Would love to make their Christmas wish come true!

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  17. I think the cutting board is a must! I have something similar and love! Great for any mom grandma or girlfriend!

    Thinking of getting one for daughters babysitter…

  18. I am SO jonesing for the Xbox Kinect. We actually went out on Black Friday to try and get it from Walmart, but we were too late. Great guide! You rock.

  19. PPS I think your likey thingy is broken cuz I did a bunch of the stuff and it won’t let me push it’s buttons. Wait did I just say that out loud? It sounded dirty.

  20. My 4 kids say the XBox is the must-have. Luckily they also tell me that I don’t have to buy it cause Santa is bringing it!! Good thing! haha

  21. the WD TV live hub… so this middle age mama can get with the program and get her techie on.  (and the kinect would be nice too, to get me moving and get rid of some of that middle aged spread!)

  22. It’s all about that spy watch! speaking of, if you’re ever in the DC area, I’m sure your son would adore the spy museum =)

  23. Both of my kids are getting headphones for Christmas but I want those Bose headphones, especially for work! And I think we’d all like that Jambox.

    But the Kinect, that’s definitely on the family wish list!

  24. It is the most wonderful pleasure one have to find out they got something free whether it’s a free sample in a store or an online give away.  It is amazing of you people to give away stuff especially during a holiday season.  I would love to win the xbox with kinect, it will be shocking and heart warming to win.  I HOPE I DO AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL :)

  25. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones would be awesome so I dont have to hear kids screaming from the seat next to me when I travel.

  26. We would love the Kinect bundle, since we’re stuck in the house for a lot of the winter we live for dance offs with the dance games on our Wii

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