XBox Kinect Bundle Giveaway

I decided I didn’t want to do a Gift Guide for the Holidays because I was inundated with spammy publicist requests to promote wacky things I’d never heard of. Then I’d walk around my house and say to myself, “this is perfect for a gift guide”.

So I came up with a gift guide that I’m very happy with.

I told my friends at Singley + Mackie that I was planning a good gift guide and asked them if they’d like to sponsor it. I asked them to please provide one of the suggested items for one of my readers and a Gucci Fiat for me.

Clearly there was a misunderstanding because I’m not getting a car but one of you is getting an XBox Kinect Bundle. Below the gift guide you’ll get entry instructions.

Good luck!

Facebook Comments

  • Hmm must have… I do love the Fiat. But I suppose I’ll go with the Kinect, since that’s a little (ok, a lot!) more reasonable.

  • The XBOX 360 w/Kinect is a must have! Without a doubt! ;-)

  • I think the XBOX 360 bundle is a TOTAL must-have item

  • That beard beanie is all kinds of awesome. I wonder if they include a mustache as well…

    • Give me two weeks and I can grow a real mustache for you. ;)

  • Gucci Fiat, please Santa… I’ve been nice but I’d be naughty to get one of these.

  • XBOX! Love it :) 

  • I’d be naughty or nice if Santa got me a Gucci Fiat! More likely to get myself the Bamboo Cutting Board.  Great Gift Guide!

  • Akasendorf

    Me thinks me need ze beanie!

  • Candace

    Realistically I would use the bamboo cutting board! However I love the beard hat I wanted to buy one for my chef so bad but can’t justify the cost of the gag gift LOL

  • Elliebunny

    the xbox or flatware although that beard beanie is really funny

  • I need that roll-around alarm clock for myself!

  • Yolanda M

    The Xbox bundle for sure- but I am a female so um, hand me that pretty blue Tiffany’s necklace.

  • Ciaran

    I have one car (van) and 6 people in my family. If anyone needs a little tiny designer car that they have to drive without the kids, it’s me.

  • The XBox bundle looks pretty darn good to me, but I so do the Bose Noise cancelling headphones.  Well, if I was lucky enough to win anything I would be grateful and gracious.

  • Julie Grimberg

    the tiffany necklace

  • I love your gift guide, way cool! I think that Geeky spy watch is pretty cool and something that either of my children (or hubby) would love!

  • Amy

    I would like to have the noise cancelling headphones – my children would probably say the xbox is the must have.

  • Anonymous

    While a Gucci Fiat is right up my alley…suffice it to say I’d more likely get the beard beanie in MY stocking…so I’d be forced to share it with the other half.

  • Aubrey Palumbo

    Wii Family game night!!

  • Give me the Gucci 500…yeah I know.

  • Mariah2you

    The one must have gift would be the Xbox Kinect because that’s all my son wants for Christmas.

  • The pampered chef cutting board is a total must have for me. I’ll never enough of them.

  • Cutting boards are definitely on my list. I could also benefit from Clocky, though I wouldn’t enjoy it.

  • I really need those headphones.  You know, just for wearing around the house.

  • I want to win this xbox because my nephews want one so bad and their parents can’t afford it this Christmas due to a downsizing:( If I win,I am giving it to them.

  • Nccarterfamily

    We’d love to win this because I think it would be wonderful for game nights, and helping my kids stay active and to help with some autism therapies

  • Lizabennett

    No Christmas in our house, so we don’t “need” anything on the list, but 
    if I did need to buy gifts, I must admit this is a pretty nice gift guide (except, what is a beard beanie? I just do not get it)

  • This would be great to have at my parent’s house. Seriously, my son is always bored there and there are no kids in the neighborhood.

  • Helloooo Gucci Fiat! But *if* I’m being practical, the cutting board. Sigh, boring but necessary. 

  • Anonymous

    I have the Pampered Chef cutting board and I love it to pieces!

  • Rhonda

    The cutting board for sure.

  • Melissa

    Love the Gucci Fiat!

  • TheFetching MrsRohner

    How can you go wrong with Tiffany??

  • Stephanie Precourt

    I kind of want to say the Tiffany necklace is a must-have. I just think everyone should own at least one Tiffany item. I’ll never forget my first bracelet from there. It happened to be after my husband forgot our anniversary and someone at work told him he had BETTER get me something from Tiffany’s to make up for it… totally worked. :) 
    I’d love to win the xbox- my son has been begging for one. We don’t have any video game systems since our wii died.

    Thank you for the chance!Steph

  • Danielle

    This is awesome!

  • XBox Kinect Bundle is a must have.  It’ll be very ideal for family game night!

  • Adam

    I must have that beard beanie

  • Jennette Hansen

    The XBox Kinect Bundle would be great for the kids and I love the Beard Beanie for my husband and I would love the Clic Clac H Cuff!

  • Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have for people that are surrounded by idiots. (I’m not, but used to be, and needed these badly.)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, that is an awesome gift guide! I would love to have it all;). Especially that car!

  • Wow – this is amazing :) cool! :)

  • Meredith

    The Gucci Fiat… obvi.

  • Anonymous

    My hubby would say the Kinect and I like that too but I would lean toward the Fiat myself!

  • Well….If I couldn’t have the Gucci Fiat or Hermes Clic Clac H Cuff which clearly are “must haves” then I’d be thrilled to have to “settle” for the XBox Kinect Bundle!!!! ;~)

  • The Jawbone Jambox is hot.

  • Anonymous

    Rafflecopter ;-) I wish I would have thought of that. 

  • I like the hermes cuff!

  • Anonymous

    The “must have” would be the Gucci Fiat IF it wasn’t being laughingly advertised as the car that Jennifer Lopez pretends to drive to Harlem. But since that is a thing, I choose XBox. Because playing Skyrim alongside my boyfriend is cooler than anything, especially things named “J. Lo”.

  • Jessica

    The Kinect! I’m also pretty intrigued by that cutting board…

  • Margaret Barney

    THE must have are the Bose Noise-Cancelling headphones.  Those things are worth their weight in gold, even when you aren’t listening to anything with them. 

  • If the noise cancelling headphones were not $300, they’d definitely be on the list for my 10y/o. They’d be great to help him with his sensory processing and auditory processing disorders. 

  • The headphones would be nice. I have a clockie (still in its box).

  • Charissa

    Noise canceling headphones sound great!

  • Andrew

    The Xbox 360 with Kinect is a must have. 

  • Nightowlmama

    Kinect for Xbox is a must have gift fun for the whole family

  • Peter

    While I love the idea of the XBox w/ Kinect, my kid would likely get the biggest kick out of the night vision mission video watch.

  • That Clocky looks interesting, but I think my teens would need something that rips the sheets off their bed and maybe splashes cold water on them. Or is that cruel?

  • We’ve been pricing the XBox and Kinect since my kids tried it out last month and just loved it.

  • Brandy

    While I love the  xbox and Madden 12 I have to say the Beard Beanie is TOO awesome. I think I need one for my son ha!

  • My mom always buys a few family gifts for us, I’m adding the Family Game Night to our list!  Great gift guide Jessica, posting this to my Facebook.

  • Jamie Lee

    The xbox of course! :)

  • The Kinnect is a must have on my kids Christmas list. I wish I could get it for them, so unless one falls from the sky they will have to wait till a Birthday, but none the less I think its on EVERYONES list who owns a Xbox 360! 

  • Elizabethglassturner

    Kinect! And, of course, the Hermes cuff! :)

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Deborah Thomas

    Kinect for XBox for the boys

  • CourtneyL

    The Hermes Cuff

  • Tabathia B

    the wd tv live hub

  • Love the cuff, but the Xbox would be awesome – we have tons of games that we never use bc we still haven’t gotten one.

  • Gia

    The XBox is a MUST HAVE!!

  • Cassandra


  • Linelu55

    I do believe my family would love for me to win the KINECT, but I have an eye on the “Clocky”!!  ;)

  • SnKmommy

    The 360, its something the whole family can enjoy doing together, especially in our freezing northwest cold winters

  • Serena Powell

    I think the X-Box 360 is definitely a must have but the beard hat is pretty sweet as well.

  • Monique Burkes

    The noise-cancelling headphones for my daughters to watch/listen to movies with.

  • Gattimd

    Oooo… The x Box or clocky would be cool!

  • The Knork Flatware is a must have

  • I have a friend who owns a consulting business with her husband and they both work from home. She wears those Bose headphones to let her husband know she’s “in the zone” and not to bother her. Fabulous! A must have indeed. (Though not sure it would really work with my kids!) And obviously the Beard Beanie – who wouldn’t want that?

  • Aprilmh1628

    the x-box 360

  • Livinandloving

    Definately the Kinect…that would be an awesome gift!

  • Raejean Roberts

    The Kinect has turned into a must have for our family.  I’m liking many items from you gift guide!

  • Sheila

    The Kinect Bundle is a must-have! My kids want one so bad… as do I and my husband!

  • The XBox, for sure.

  • Betsy

    The Fiat! For sure! :) Or the X box!

  • WD TV Live Hub is something I really want.

  • The Xbox Kinect!

  • Themomjen

    The Xbox bundle of course, my kids are dying for one!

  • George Mossey

    The xbox kinect is a must have. I love the idea of getting a full work out while playing a video game. 

  • Melinda-LookWhatMomFound

    anything Hermes is a must have of course!

  • Tiarastantrums

    my must have: Hermes Clic Clac!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely the XBox bundle!

  • XBox 360 with Kenect.  My kiddos and my wife soooo want this!!!

  • Megan C

    Definitely the x-box bundle, lol!!!!  My little girls have been begggging for Kinnect.  Would love to make their Christmas wish come true!

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  • alexis

    The x-box! Of course!!!

  • Anne

    I am so getting the Beard Beanie for my husband, love it.

  • I think the cutting board is a must! I have something similar and love! Great for any mom grandma or girlfriend!

    Thinking of getting one for daughters babysitter…

  • Anonymous

    I am SO jonesing for the Xbox Kinect. We actually went out on Black Friday to try and get it from Walmart, but we were too late. Great guide! You rock.

  • Anonymous

    PS I could totally rock that beard beanie too.

  • Anonymous

    PPS I think your likey thingy is broken cuz I did a bunch of the stuff and it won’t let me push it’s buttons. Wait did I just say that out loud? It sounded dirty.

  • Kim

    um, the Fiat is a total must-have! But of course, the beard beanie is a close second. :)

  • Jean

    Xbox Kinect, Baby! That would be fab!

  • I’d love a Kinect of course but I’m with you on the Gucci Fiat!!!

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  • The Fiat and the caption crack me up. I think my kid would want the spy watch tho.

  • I’m going to have to say the XBox though there are some great things on there!! :)

  • Hasbro Family Game Night is a must have!

  • Amber

    I’m especially liking the Kinect, Beanie Beard, and the cute Clocky!

  • spy net watch would be good

  • 3bagsfull/stephanie

    The gucci fiat….obviously ;)

  • nicole

    The family game night for the wii is my favorite.

  • Ruth

    ohh I want the XBox so bad… I would settle for the Fiat, though :)

  • Cruz1012

    My 4 kids say the XBox is the must-have. Luckily they also tell me that I don’t have to buy it cause Santa is bringing it!! Good thing! haha

  • I would love to win this!

  • Lee Black

    The XBOX 360 for sure!

  • Lauren

    for me, the xbox!! for a friend, the beard beanie would be hilarious.

  • laura

    the xbox would be great to have.

  • Other than the XBOX I’d love to get my husband the beard beanie – how cool is that – do they make them for kids too?! I will have to check!

  • AmandaSue

    The kinect is a must have, what a great way to have fun in the winter time!

  • Must-have — the Clocky. Pre-teens need wakeup help.

  • Dana

    HA, love the clock that rolls!  I agree, totally need this for my kids for the New Year!

  • Angela

    I absolutely love the Clic-Clac bracelet…

  • Katie

    The Tiffany Double Heart Pendant is a must have!  Love it!!

    katie at coverbutton dot net

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  • Tina M

    The XBOX 360!!

  • Flyergal82

    the return to tiffany neckalce-love it.

  • Michele P

    the WD TV live hub… so this middle age mama can get with the program and get her techie on.  (and the kinect would be nice too, to get me moving and get rid of some of that middle aged spread!)

  • Kim Delatorre

    Definitely the XBox 360 Kinect Bundle!!!

  • the x box

  • Larson Gafney

    The Xbox Bundle. My toddlers will be able to use the Kinect much better than the Wii remotes :)

  • Anonymous

    WD TV Live Hub, that gets my geeky side excited.

    • I LOVE the WD hub… you would love it.

      Alas, you’re entered for the kinect instead.

  • I’d love the Kinect bundle — I’d never be able to get 3 car seats in the back of that cute Fiat.

  • Totally must have the Xbox Kinect. Although that Hermes cuff is pretty killer. 

  • Kris S.

    I am intrigued by the Jawbone Jambox would one be enough for the whole room?

  • Msareen13

    It’s all about that spy watch! speaking of, if you’re ever in the DC area, I’m sure your son would adore the spy museum =)

  • Jennydecki

    I think the Jawbone Jambox is a must have. Mmmm….squishy…

  • @DadStreet

    Kinetic, of. Course.

  • Nancye Davis

    AT my house everyone would definitely say they couldn’t live without their XBox 360!!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  • Steph Winesburg

    the xbox would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo great to win!

  • The family will want the Xbox but I want to get the clocky for my teenager so the annoying ‘I overslept’ will stop!

  • Mary Lewis-Pierce

    the xbox is a must have! 

  • Julie P

    The Xbox Kinect is a must-have! =)

  • Liz

    My must have is the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones!

  • The Xbox with Kinect is a complete must have!  Much better than any other video game system out there.

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  • Both of my kids are getting headphones for Christmas but I want those Bose headphones, especially for work! And I think we’d all like that Jambox.

    But the Kinect, that’s definitely on the family wish list!

  • Isaac K.

    One kid should get the Clocky, but I think the family will vote for the Xbox with Kinect.

  • I’m sure my kids would vote for the XBOX Kinect! (Me? I’ll take the Gucci Fiat!)

  • Krister T

    The Hermes H cuff needs to get on my wrist! I have lusted after it all year. That is my must-have.

  • I would go for the Xbox 360 Kinect unit! :D

  • Donald

    I know the kinect is a must have this season.

  • TKPope

    The Beard Beanie is the must have gift of the season, nay year!

  • Scott Winberg

    The noise cancelling headphones are a must have.

  • Dan Scott

    Looking forward to my Kinect. Thanks Jessica and Singley.

  • Ummm…Gucci Fiat please. But the Return to Tiffany necklace is pretty awesome as well :)

  • Alena Telford

    the beard beanie is awesome



  • The noise cancelling headphones are a must have.

  • Kinect for the Xbox 360

  • Kinect to get my fat bahookey off the couch!

  • kelley wood

    Kinect for sure! Looks like so much fun!

  • Jamievillari

    A must have is the xbox 360 kinect!

  • Mark G.

    Xbox is the must have for me!

  • Pinky Sade


  • Jay B.

    Now that I know about it, I definitely think that beard beanie is a must have.

  • This is the best gift guide I’ve seen so far :) I want that Tiffany pendant!

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  • I just had to leave a comment and say that I nearly spit water all over my computer screen with that beard beanie. what the ?!?! LMAO!!!

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  • blur_

    The Jambox is great. I love that I can toss it in my purse to bring into the office when I have to work on a weekend.

  • Jason and Anna Pry

    i think the beard beanie is awesome

  • The night vision!

  • Kathy

    I think the Xbox Kinnect is a must have.

  • Ditto I

    The Xbox Kinnet is a must have for sure.

  • I definitely must have the Gucci Fiat.  Do you think Jennifer really has one?

  • Ali

    the xbox 360 is a must have!!

  • Synfynwin

    Family Game Night for the Wii

  • Lindsay O.

    I would have to say the xbox! Oh and my teen would love the tiffany necklace!

  • Mehek kay

    It is the most wonderful pleasure one have to find out they got something free whether it’s a free sample in a store or an online give away.  It is amazing of you people to give away stuff especially during a holiday season.  I would love to win the xbox with kinect, it will be shocking and heart warming to win.  I HOPE I DO AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL :)

  • The x-box is great but to name another one is the jawbone jambox

  • I am entering to win the Xbox 360 deal! MY husband and kids would love this.

  • the embed gift guild post will not work on my end email me for help please.

    • you can just right click and copy the image and then embed it. That will work fine. Make sure there’s a link back to this post because the trackbacks are needed for me to find your post. 

  • The XBox 360 Kinect looks like a fun way to get exercise indoors. Nice set up for a giveaway Jessica.

  • The Kinect is a must have as well as the Jawbone speaker.

  • Amy

    HERMES cuff. Every girl needs some HERMES. for sure and for certain

  • Ames

    Family Game Night!!!

  • sandy

    gucci fiat lol then game night- I love it all

  • Gucci fiat  Wife would love it.

  • Kendra

    The Hermes cuff is a must have!

  • kinect for the xbox 360

  • Music4daddy

    OMG…THE FIAT!!!!!! Ever since I taught in the Czech Republic I have wanted one

  • Alan T.

    kinect for the xbox 360, definitely for me

  • Anonymous

    Bose Noise Canceling Headphones would be awesome so I dont have to hear kids screaming from the seat next to me when I travel.

  • moosh in indy.

    We would love the Kinect bundle, since we’re stuck in the house for a lot of the winter we live for dance offs with the dance games on our Wii

  • The Xbox Kinect bundle for sure. My family would have an awesome time with this setup.

  • Anonymous

    The Kinect is the MUST HAVE!!

  • Jelena

    Kinect XBox! We would so enjoy…

  • Ok, I’d have to say the FIAT, but that’s unrealistic for myself lol so I’d have to say a MUST HAVE is the XBox Kinect!

  • Alexandrawrote

    My heart belong to the Hermes, but the Kinect would be almost as fun. Although heavy to wear as an accessory.

  • I think the Kinect is a must have!

  • I want the Kinect sooo bad!  It is my must have.  Although to be honest, I’d wouldn’t be said if the Gucci Fiat showed up at my house. 

  • The beard Beanie is a must have

  • Hands down, the Beard Beanie. 

  • Kinect for my boys is my must have!

  • Anonymous

    The Gucci Fiat is a MUST HAVE! 
    (OK if I were rich it would be!)

  • The Kinect Bundle would be awesome for the kids….and adults.

  • sandra

    the wd tv live hub is a must have for a tv lover such as myself

  • Oooo! That’s a nice gift guide (I love the beard hat!), and this would be a swell thing to win!

  • DrLori71

    Since my birthday is Sunday and I’m turning 40, I think I deserve the Fiat. But I guess I’d settle for the Kinect.

  • Aplus4moms

    The xbox is connect is a must have for me!! I so badly want Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2012 !!

  • The JamBox is my must have.

  • lace

    The Beard Beanie is a must!  Love it.  I’d also love an Xbox Kinect

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  • Rochel S

    Bose Noise Canceling Headphones!

  • Monica B.

    The Kinect is my fave!