XBox Kinect Bundle Giveaway

I decided I didn’t want to do a Gift Guide for the Holidays because I was inundated with spammy publicist requests to promote wacky things I’d never heard of. Then I’d walk around my house and say to myself, “this is perfect for a gift guide”.

So I came up with a gift guide that I’m very happy with.

I told my friends at Singley + Mackie that I was planning a good gift guide and asked them if they’d like to sponsor it. I asked them to please provide one of the suggested items for one of my readers and a Gucci Fiat for me.

Clearly there was a misunderstanding because I’m not getting a car but one of you is getting an XBox Kinect Bundle. Below the gift guide you’ll get entry instructions.

Good luck!

Facebook Comments

  • Allison Waken

    Kinect for my boys is my must have!

  • Anonymous

    The Gucci Fiat is a MUST HAVE! 
    (OK if I were rich it would be!)

  • Buddro Man

    The Kinect Bundle would be awesome for the kids….and adults.

  • sandra

    the wd tv live hub is a must have for a tv lover such as myself

  • Nichole

    Oooo! That’s a nice gift guide (I love the beard hat!), and this would be a swell thing to win!

  • DrLori71

    Since my birthday is Sunday and I’m turning 40, I think I deserve the Fiat. But I guess I’d settle for the Kinect.

  • Aplus4moms

    The xbox is connect is a must have for me!! I so badly want Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2012 !!

  • Rachael

    The JamBox is my must have.

  • lace

    The Beard Beanie is a must!  Love it.  I’d also love an Xbox Kinect

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  • Rochel S

    Bose Noise Canceling Headphones!

  • Monica B.

    The Kinect is my fave!