Drive Through Fast Food: What to Eat in Los Angeles on a Hot Day

Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles was hot. Not sort of kind of hot, but 100 degrees plus hot. I picked the kids up from school at three and they were ravenous. So, I did what mothers all over the United States do every afternoon. I took advantage of the drive through for fast food.

Overheard: In my Sexy Voice

4pm Thursday Afternoon I call my husband’s office. ME: Hi, can I speak to him? ASSISTANT: Uh, I think he’s in a meeting. ME: It’s okay, I’ll be quick and I just need his input for something time sensitive. Hold music for a moment…. HIM: Hi honey. Is it important? [I can hear that I’m on speakerphone] ME: Uh, yeah, if you could just pick up the phone for a minute, it’s sort of personal. [I can hear him pick up the reciever] ME: I can make you regular chocolate …

Overheard: Booking the Allergist

Husband needs an allergist I ask The Mommies. They provide me with a list of Los Angeles Allergists to try (and a few to avoid). I call the one who is part of our PPO. ME: Hi, I need to make an appointment for my husband. He’s sniffling… blah blah blah… How long? Oh, we’ve been married 11 years, so, uh, more than 11 years. RECEPTIONIST: Would he like to come in on ______ at _____ ME: No, we wouldn’t like that appointment, I’d like you to have to work …

Overheard at Dinner

The CFO: Oh, tell the bakers about your blogs The Bakers: [in unison] Oh, what do you blog about. Me: Anything, everything, maybe you if you’re interesting. Now everyone giggles and watches what they say. Fucking alarmists. And then Husband Baker tried to bring me back into the fold. Because, apparently I’m such a bad Jew that these days the other Jews notice. Grr… I’ll trade them one Shabbat for a molten lava chocolate cake.

Sarah Palin and the GOP

I’m not with the oil drilling. But I’m with Sarah Palin on everything else. My husband screamed at the TV and added funny ridiculous commentary. My daughter couldn’t stop guffawing and slapping her thigh: That man [Rudy Guiliani] talks like Daffy Duck Yes, from my sensitive child who had speech therapy 3 times a week for many years. I’ll admit things here are little fucked up, but I’ve got a plan. My darling Husband has gets to go to work tomorrow. I, however, will have the children alone for several …